Short film: Let Our Fame Be Unheard

LOFBU - Promo 01

Logline: After a crushing defeat, three Circassian soldiers escape into the woods with a Russian prisoner. In exchange for his life, he promises to take the trio to a stash of hidden war gold, which forces them to confront difficult questions about their own lives, and the future of their people.

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Graphic Novel: Z

Z - Cover Art

Logline: When high-school senior Zoe is tapped to give a back-to-school speech just months after a fatal shooting, she finds herself awakening to life-changing truths about man’s inhumanity to man.

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Game Design: Neverwinter Nights – Ellyria

Astropolis Upper Terraces - Screenshot

When Etherium, a rare substance with powerful magical properties, is discovered on a remote island, the three Ellyrian Isles find themselves embroiled in a cutthroat race to control it. Adventurers flock to the isles in pursuit of wealth and power, finding mystery and danger around every corner.

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Redeemers of the Lost Arc

Indy and me

Raiders of the Lost Ark is one of my favorite movies of all time. It’s a masterpiece. Unlike other popular classics from my generation’s childhood (notably: Star Wars), Raiders did not sweep me off my tiny feet back in the early 1980s. My folks thought they could parentally-guide me through the gruesome bits, as the PG-rating (in a pre-PG-13 world) suggests. It worked until Barranca fell over dead with all those poison darts in his back. I couldn’t handle it, so we had to stop. It was for the best.

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Superman and Clark Kent walk into a bar

They look at each other and ask, “Aren’t we forgetting someone?”

I almost panicked when David Carradine, as Bill in Kill Bill, started talking about Superman. He had a unique theory about Superman’s secret identity dynamic, and I was worried I was about to see someone beat me to the punch. Fortunately, he didn’t.

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Lucasology 102

Before I get started

I never actually promised myself or anyone else that I wouldn’t become one of those grown-up children of the Star Wars generation who can’t stop talking about the saga’s fall, but I still feel a little uncomfortable returning to the subject.

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